Friday, February 29, 2008

An update on the quest to get Miriam a brother or sister

Derek and I did In Vitro again on Wednesday. All 5 day old embryos look odd, but Dr. Peterson told us ours were exceptionally deformed and pathetic. I still think they are cute... I guess that every mama thinks her babies are cute, right? We were given a 45% chance of pregnancy, not the 70% chance we were given when we did In Vitro and got Miri, but we'll take it. We're staying cautiously optimistic for the next week until we take the BIG TEST to see if Miriam really will have a brother or sister. No matter what happens, we both have absolute trust and faith in the Lord that he is mindful of our situation and will bless us with an addition to our family.

Miriam's 1st birthday, November 27, 2007

I was definitely more excited about Miriam's Tinkerbell
birthday party than she was. She just wanted the cake.
Miri daintily picked off and ate all of the pink frosting before
devouring it and eating literally half of the entire cake.
She inherited the sweet tooth from her mama.

Maui in December

No one told us just how hard it would be to leave our little Miriam for a week, but we still managed to have fun on our vacation to Maui. We went scuba diving at Molokini, boogie boarding (it's the one "sport" that I'm actually better than Derek) :) and enjoyed all of the the other fabulous things that Maui has to offer. One tip if you are thinking about going to Hawaii: Don't eat at the restaurant "Da Kitchen" it was Da-sgusting. Oh, and one more thing, the road to Hana really is as beautiful as the travel books say.

The only thing we missed out on... Miriam starting walking while we were gone.
Well, we've finally decided to join the blog world. We figure its a great way to keep in touch with all those friends we don't get to see often enough.

The past year has been a great and eventful one for us. Our little miracle Miriam Jenette was born November of 2006. She is the light in our lives. For any of you thinking about having kids, we highly recommend it!

Miriam is 15 months old and walking and talking. We're working on manners and trying to teach Miriam not to be such a bully. She can pretty much body slam the little 4 year old boys at church. She's quite independent and does what ever it takes to get her own way. I think she got that from Derek, and Derek thinks that trait came straight from me.

In September we moved from Draper to our new home in Sandy. We've loved it here, but miss our old ward and friends in South Mountain.