Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Mommy! Baby Sisters are Everywhere!"

That was Miriam's observation the other day, and yes Miriam, baby sisters are everywhere. Everyone thinks that their own kids are the most adorable and bright and funny and I'm no exception with how I feel about Miri. When ever I mention that I'm going to "pump" or she sees me washing the parts to my breast pump she loudly exclaims "I'm comin' mommy!" She gets as many books and stuffed puppies as her little arms can handle and hauls them upstairs into my room and we sit together on my bed while I pump. She will comb my hair or read me stories. The other day she pulled out one of her sesame street books and read the entire book to me word for word. Each page was only one or two sentences, but still I was quite impressed. When she finished, I said "Your a smarty pants." She replied "No I not mommy, I Mee-yum." (Her own special pronunciation of her name.) One area that Miriam hasn't especially excelled in is potty training. The other day we decided to test out bribery. I told her if she went pee in the potty she could have a candy. She sat on her potty buck naked for an entire hour watching Mickey Mouse before finally peeing a tiny amount. We decided to put her big girl Dora panties on her instead of a diaper and gave her the promised candy. She was so proud of herself and excited she started running in circles around the kitchen island. Within about 3 minutes she had wet her panties.
As far as the triplets, here are some update highlights:
  • Lia has done really well on her formula and I'm now able to nurse her once a day.

  • Claire and Lia have a follow up appointment with their Cardiologist on the 10th and their heart procedures will probably be scheduled then.

  • All three girls made it through their first head cold. That was the reward we got for taking them out on Christmas.

  • All three girls are also laughing as well. It's adorable, especially Claires roaring belly laugh.

  • We're blessing the girls on Sunday at 10:30. Anyone who would like to come we'd love it. Email me if you'd like directions to our church stephie_lloyd@hotmail.com

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Sad Day

I'm sad today. My little Lia has been having a little bit of mucousy blood in her poops for the past week and a half. They did a bunch of tests and ruled out infection. The doctor told me that it is most likely an allergy to cows milk, which seems weird since she is 100% breast milk fed. Apparently the cows milk proteins can come through my breast milk from my diet. For the past 4 days I've completely eliminated dairy from my diet (which is actually harder than it seems.) It hasn't helped, actually she's been having even more blood in her poops. I checked in with her pediatrician today. He told me that he still thinks it's a food allergy... could be soy, wheat, corn or a number of other things. He said that it is pretty much impossible to breast feed a baby with such sensitive allergies and told me that I will need to stop breastfeeding her and start giving her a hypo-allergenic formula instead. He said that the number one priority is to stop the bleeding in her intestines caused by irritation from a food allergy, of course I agree. It's disappointing because I have worked SO HARD to be able to breast feed my triplets and finally it has been working perfectly for all three. We have a system going and It makes me so sad to have to stop breastfeeding my Lia. There is nothing sweeter than a nursing baby. Lia is the one who has liked it the best too. She's grunts with pleasure while she nurses then looks up at me and smiles while milk spills out of the sides of her mouth. I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow. Today I'm just sad.