Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our First Big Milestone

Last week we had two events... first of all I ended up in Labor and Delivery yet again because my contractions wouldn't stop. They must have given me a dozen tests. They informed me that I had a yeast infection (pregnancy is so glamorous) and they said that could be causing contractions, so I was given medication to treat that. They told me I'm anemic (not enough iron) and was slightly dehydrated. They pumped me full of fluids. After about 5 hours my contractions still hadn't stopped. The doctor (who I swear was at least 5 years younger than me, can you be a doctor at 24?) told me that if my contractions didn't stop, I couldn't go home and they may have to admit me. They gave me some medication that finally did calm them down, so I came stumbling home around midnight, exhausted but relieved that everything is alright. By the way, my cervix is still super woman strong, and that's what really matters.
My great news is that on Friday I hit the 24 week mark, which is considered the "viability" point. Most of the time babies born at this point will live, but roughly half would have some type of neurological problems or other long term issues... so of course we're praying every day for our girls to keep cookin' as long as possible. Our next major milestone will be at 28 weeks. At this point babies usually don't have neurological problems, but basically live in the NICU for months. Our goal is 32 weeks, which would be September 19th. I feel like I'm a little kid waiting for Christmas. Maybe I should make a countdown paper chain.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting Bigger by the Day

Well, for anyone interested in seeing my triplet carrying belly- here it is at 22 weeks. I'm getting close to measuring full term. The girls like to have dance parties and I've put on 23 pounds. Last time I went to the doctor, I asked about this strange rash I've had for the last two months on my chin. The NP told me "Oh honey, that's not a rash, that's acne." Lovely. Derek thinks it hilarious because I never went through the teenage acne stage that he so painfully had to endure. It's some kind of psychological revenge for him. Apparently the acne is courtesy of all the extra estrogen I have pumping through me. I think it is also to blame for me crying during shows like "A baby story" on TLC. Do these make anyone else cry? I have an ultrasound next week so hopefully I'll have some good pics to post!

Monday, July 7, 2008

I've been tagged!

So in updating myself on friends blogs, I realized I've been tagged... twice-Once by Dev and once by Suzy. Here goes... I'll try and make it short and sweet:
What was I doing 10 years ago? Lets see, I was at Ricks College rooming with Sara. Derek was getting ready for his mission. Little did I know in a couple of months Derek was going to give me the ax. Thanks honey. Love you.
5 years ago? I was working as a social worker for Salt Lake County Aging Services and going through fertility treatments.
1 year ago? Spending lots of time with Miriam at the pool. We had just sold our Draper town home.
Yesterday? Church. THANK HEAVENS for the nursery. It is by far the best church program in existance. For the past 6 weeks I've actually been able to listen and relax during Relief Society and Sunday School. Last night was dinner with my family and extended family home evening. Sundays are my favorite.
Favorite Snacks? Cherries, Rasberries, Watermelon, Peach ice cream, Old Fashioned dounuts.
Favorite Books? I Love "The 5 People You Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom. The best book I've read in the past several months is "The Book Theif" by Markus Zusak. I love the story and the way it's written is brilliant. "Silas Marner" by George Eliot is a great classic and I have to admit I'm in love with Stephenie Meyers "Twilight" series. I can't wait till the next book comes out in August. My favorite childrens book is called "Someday" I honestly can't read it without crying.
Bad Habits? I let clean laundry sit in the dryer and get wrinkly. It drives Derek crazy. Also I get impatient a lot.
Places I would like to run away to? I love any sandy beach. I'd like to go back to Italy and Derek really want's to show me Holland (where he served his mission.) It will be years before I get another vacation and then it will most likely be Disneyland.
Things I would never wear? I'm open to new things usually, but highwaisted jeans are a no-no. Honestly, who WANTS to look like they have long bum?
Pet peeves? Right now my pet peeves are maternity clothes, heartburn and leg cramps.
Famous People? No one really comes to mind. I've never really been the star struck type. People I want to tag! Julianne, April, Becky and Jen.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Month of June

So, I'm officially a lazy blogger. I've let an entire month pass with no updates. First things first... the triplets are doing great. One advantage to being pregnant with triplets is that I get ultrasounds at least every other week. Oh, and they are for sure all girls :) They are getting close to a pound each and are about 8-9 inches long. We have tentatively decided on names: Baby A (who is head down on my right side) is Lia Marie, Baby B (who is head down on my left side) is Brynn Rebecca and Baby C (who is straight across right in under my ribs) is Claire Denice. Claire and I have had lots of talks. Our conversations are one sided and go like this:
Me: "Claire, honey, could you please move down and stop jabbing and kicking mommys ribs?"
Like most children, sometimes she's obedient and sometimes me asking makes her rebel even more.
As for me, I'm on a modified bed rest. I have to lay down and rest for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. This all came about a week and a half ago when I started feeling regular contractions. I went in to Labor and Delivery and they hooked me up to all of the machines and confirmed that I was having contractions every 2-9 minutes. They did an ultrasound and the babies were great and I hadn't started dilating, so that's a good thing. I'm enormous.... Measuring at about 8 months even though I'm only 5 months along. I feel like I'm at the end of a pregnancy too. Who knows what these next 2-3 months will hold.
June was a fun and busy month for us. We started it out by taking a vacation to St. George with my family. Miri had fun playing with her cousins, Derek had fun golfing and I had fun seeing Zions, which was a first for me.
Also, we moved. We're are still in Sandy, but now have more room for all these little babies and all their stuff. We're still working on the nursery... luckily one of the bedrooms is big enough to fit all three cribs. I'll be sure and post a picture of the final product.
A couple of weeks ago my cute friend Suzy (who has been my friend since Junior High) had a diaper shower for me. We figure that we now have a 2-3 month supply of diapers for the triplets. Thanks everybody! And please, please, please, keep my triplets in your prayers!
I hope everyone is having a great summer!