Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blessings, Blessings and More Blessings

Two weeks ago we finally blessed the girls. Derek gave them beautiful blessings and they looked like little angels. I looked everywhere to find three different dresses that I felt fit each personality. (L-R Claire, Brynn, Lia)
Lia and Claire will both have their heart surgeries in May. At their Cardiology appointment, Dr. Pinto informed us that both girls have fluid in their lungs and both have enlarged hearts.... sounds urgent to me, but she feels it's best to wait a couple more months until they are a little bigger. Ideally they don't like to do this surgery until a baby is a year old, but waiting that long isn't an option. NOT to say that these girls are small! They are now weighing in between 12 and 13 1/2 pounds. That's 3-4x their birthweights. I know they will be just fine. They will recieve wonderful care and this procedure is very common. I just feel so fortunate that it is not something more serious, life threatening or something that will need to be dealt with life long.
SPEAKING of blessings... I can't even express how grateful I am for some wonderful angels in my life. My mom goes back to work full time in March. Oh how I will miss my mommy! She has been here helping me every Monday and Tuesday from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm for the last 6 months. I have the most wonderful mommy in the world. My sister Jenette is the greatest too. Every Wednesday she comes to help me and then Miriam goes to her home on Thursdays to play with her cousins and get out of the house. My sister Jenette is the most loving and generous person I know. She is the mom I hope I can be someday. And also, my girls surrogate grandma (who is actually my little sister Julianne's mother-in-law) Annie. She loves my girls like they're her own. Just to give an idea of the kind of person she is.... she called me the day before Valentines and said "It would be a blessing to me if I could come and watch your kids so you and Derek could go out for Valentines Day." She watched all four all by herself and was still smiling when we came home. What a woman. Here she is with (L-R) Lia, Brynn and Claire. Thanks Annie. We love you.