Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby Makeovers

Babies can make a lot of un-cute things look cute that none of us can pull off. For example toothless smiles and extra chub on the thighs. One thing that is never a good look on anyone of any age is a mullet. So why did I wait 18 months to take care of their baby mullets? No idea. One thing I do know is that their first haircuts made them look like such grown up girls.
We started with Lia (who by the way thinks her name is Lady Bug.) She is just one agreeable little pleasant thing, as long as she isn't hungry or tired. Here are the befores and afters:
Then it was Brynns turn. She's my Diva baby. If you are doing anything to make her "pretty" she soaks it up and can't get enough.
Last was little Claire. She was so terrified of the blow dryer, she got her "after" picture taken with Daddy.
These new haircuts have made their little necks even more kissable. I'm a lucky mama.