Thursday, August 27, 2009

Successful Adventure

We don't get out much. It's quite a production to coordinate naps, feedings and diaper changes, pack the bags and load all the kids in the mini-van, chase after them in a non-baby proof environment and then pack them up again. We usually have our fun at home. One fine day Derek and I decided we were going to be adventurous and take a trip to the zoo with the kiddos. We were planning for the worst, but were amazed after 2 full hours at the zoo with no major meltdowns.
We may as well have been part of a zoo exhibit with all the gawking our stroller caused. My favorite was an old lady who came waddling over to me while I was waiting for Derek and Miri who had gone through the Madagascar Exhibit (no monster truck-sized strollers allowed.)
"Oh my! triplet boys!"
"Oh, they are girls" I responded with a friendly smile.
And then came the question that almost made me laugh out loud.
"Are they artificial?"
I get asked all the time if they are "natural" but this is the first time I've been asked if they are "artificial." I wanted to tell her that they are actually plastic, but she probably would have believed me.
She then went on to tell me about some relation of hers who had triplets and "nursed those kids until they were three years old." Wow. All I could think about was how many teeth a 3 year old has.
Here's some more fun stuff we've been doing this summer.

Pool parties with friends and cousins.
Play date with the Kirby triplets.